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Anemia occurs when there is a lower than normal level of red blood cells. Anemia can be caused by such events as blood loss, as in surgery; or certain diseases, such as cancer, kidney disease or HIV; or by treatment such as chemotherapy or AZT. It can also be due to deficiencies in iron, folate, and/or vitamin B12.

Anemia can be a grave health condition which can cause a person to feel weak, tired and can lead to serious heart problems and other serious complications. When the number of red blood cells falls below normal the body gets less oxygen and therefore has less energy than it needs to function properly. Anemia may become worse if it is not treated, and it can lead to potentially serious, even life-threatening complications. As anemia causes the number of red blood cells to decrease, the heart works harder, pumping more blood to send more oxygen throughout the body. If the heart works too hard, it can develop disorders. The symptoms of anemia can become so severe that some people may become bedridden. They can not work or even perform basic daily activities, like grocery shopping or taking the dog for a walk. At the other extreme, some people have anemia but do not have any symptoms.

There is positive news about anemia because it can be treated so that people may live healthy and productive lives. Anemia treatment depends on the type of anemia that you have. A certified physician should help you determine the best treatment options, such as medication, nutritional supplements or diet change.

Anemia is a side effect experienced by more than 60 percent of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. This is because chemotherapy drugs can reduce the bone marrow’s ability to make red blood cells to carry oxygen to all parts of the body, providing the energy needed for normal activities.

The Steam Car Phenomenon

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Steam engines are mechanical devices, which alter energy that is present in steam into mechanical force. The pressure in steam contains a lot of possible energy that is stored in form of pressure. When tapped, this form of energy can be utilized to energy numerous varieties of industrial machinery as well as steamships and steam locomotive trains. The conventional vehicle as we know it right now is not connected with steam energy, nonetheless, in the past, there have been attempts by inventors to power automobiles using steam energy. It is crucial to note that the very first ever documented account of a self-propelled automobile was a military tractor that was powered by steam.

This vehicle, which was commissioned by French Engineer Nicolas Cugnot, and began its work as a French Army artillery carrier in 1769. The vehicle had a steam engine boiler attached to it and had to quit at frequent intervals to create up steam. The viability of steam engines to power cars still has possible in modern times nonetheless the thought has not gained headway. The strength of steam to power vehicles is practical as it has a wonderful capacity to generate mechanical energy from raw heat without necessarily being particular about the source that is producing the heat. This is contrary to gasoline-powered cars, which demand the intricate approach of internal combustion to energy its engine. Taking into consideration this, it is clear that steam can energy an auto employing not only basic efficient technology but also with no polluting the environment.

Due to the fact that oxygen is unrestricted in the steam engine’s processes, steam combustion tends to burn far more efficiently and is safer to the environment than gasoline-powered vehicles. Steam locomotives were a well-known mode of transport which lost out to electrical and diesel-powered trains in the mid 20th century. The locomotives had been efficient but were regarded as to exceed smoke emission regulations, which is not valid thinking about the visible and invisible pollution from gasoline vehicles. Just like the locomotives, early steam cars lost ground due to the invention of the electric starter and transmission. Yet another reason was the mass production of conventional gasoline vehicles which the marketplace readily accepted.

Modern steam cars can be manufactured if proper legislation is put in location to make sure infrastructure and training institutions to cater for this form of technologies. The most evident advantage of steam vehicle technology is decreased emission of harmful gases into the environment. The steam auto would also assist reduce noise pollution levels because its engine is not as noisy as 1 making use of internal combustion. These days, there exists the technical know how to invent a modern-day effective steam vehicle, the steam engine culture will have to be revived and produced credible to shoppers. The revival of team vehicles has also been compounded by the introduction of other energy efficient vehicles such as hydrogen, electric and solar-powered cars. Steam auto enthusiasts feel that this technology has been greatly overlooked and wants more and far more mainstream attention.

The Possibility of Steam Powered Automobiles

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Even though numerous of the latest fuel alternatives being studied are new, numerous of them are not. The use of steam energy is not at all a new invention but it is one that requirements to be perfect if it is to become a viable resource. Like any other choice currently under scrutiny, it is going to have both positive aspects and disadvantages. It is a matter of picking them apart to see how it measures up in comparison to other environmentally friendly solutions.

One benefit the steam engine has more than the gas engine is durability. Steam engines have widely been used in heavy-duty machine work. Due to the fact, steam engines are considerably heavier than gasoline engines, it is the far better option for any kind of heavy duty work. Industrial uses of this kind of fuel could make a great impact on the health of the environment.

The original steam engine car was introduced in 1912. At very first it sold a lot greater than a gas auto. It didn’t manage to stick around as a number one source for consumers and it eventually faded out as preference was put on gas vehicles. A number of aspects contributed to this issue, 1 of them being the truth that several people feared a boiler explosion. It rarely happened but it was a common fear amongst several at that time.

A steam engine has a slower begin up time than a gas powered engine does. It also demands significantly much more maintenance. Because convenience and timing is every little thing today, those varieties of quirks would have to be worked out prior to this would be something today’s society would be willing to invest in. Everybody wants quicker and a lot more efficient products. Absolutely nothing less with suffice.

At this moment, no significant auto producers have a steam engine choice in production. With gas and hybrid vehicles leading the way in the market, there is no room for a notion that has not but been taken to its maximum potential. Shoppers are becoming pickier with their automotive purchases in regards to the environment. Fuel alternatives must be worth the investment.

One benefit of the steam engine is that it is able to run off of the heat given off by any combustible material. This indicates that it has far more than one feasible fuel source. Vehicles that can run on a lot more than one sort of fuel are a hot item. It is like getting the best of both worlds in one effective package.

The British have recently been working hard on a steam-powered automobile that they believe is yet another step toward the future. They plan to bring it to the United States in order to break a globe record. As far more people in different countries do their part to advance scientific study on steam engines, as well as other realistic alternatives, the quicker the globe will be able to turn away from petroleum and diesel fuels.

As the study continues in an attempt to lessen dangerous emissions and harsh chemicals from the atmosphere, there is plenty that can be carried out by buyers as well. Keep informed of growing alterations and trends in order to make your investments count.

Our Economic Future Scares Me

Our Economic Future Scares Me

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Today I was reading this article by Glenn Beck, and frankly, it just outlines a few things looming in our not that distant economic future that really scare me. Give it a read, then come back here and share your thoughts.

Let’s be clear, I am not an alarmist, extremist, or any kind of -ist for that matter. I tend to tread in the middle road on many things. Even though I am a conservative politically and morally speaking, I am very much one to mix with all types and be happy with the melting pot.

Our Economic Future Scares Me

I think we can all pretty clearly agree that our national economic situation America is downright screwed up.

We, as a country, have been borrowing against the future in a big tremendous way in order to enjoy the current prosperity. Politicians continue to do it because it just isn’t easy to get elected without giving people the easy answer to making their our what we all want. It has been easy to let it happen because frankly, we all enjoy the good times, and the negative backlash has seemed so far in the future that we all figure some kind of fix will be figured out along the way. Not my problem, right?

Our Economic Future Scares Me


All indicators and difficulties of our current recessive backsliding underway, we are headed for a major bursting of our financial bubbles. It drives me insane to see us continue to operate at a deficit as a country in such enormous sums that the average citizen simply cannot wrap his or her mind around it to be concerned. It’s like the individual that is so deep in debt that they just ignore the bills out of the sheer feeling of futility of doing anything about it.

One life getting fouled up with band financial decisions is a bad thing, an entire country is in an entirely different scope.

I truly believe that our generation needs to be the one to take this problem by the horns and do something about it. Even if it means a decade of some very difficult times, it isn’t going to get any easier the longer we put it off. We are well past the point of thinking we can just maintain status quo and it will somehow resolve itself.

‘Guess What…’ has to be Genetic

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If you have raised kids past the age of learning to talk, then you are familiar with the phrase “guess what?”. In fact, I would submit that you are not only familiar with it, but the mere beginning of the phrase sends chills down your spine. Every newly enabled talker in our family has employed this little phrase as their means of ensuring full parental attention to every word they are saying.

There is always that happy moment you enjoy when your little offspring begin to have the ability to really communicate. I don’t mean just “no” (which is of course nearly always the first word every learned because they hear it so much up to that point in their life), but really start to express themselves. The reward is not only that you have raised a child that is apparently capable of expressing themselves in a manner other than crying, but also someday they will hopefully be a contributing member of society.

That moment passes soon after they learn to leave out the pause for a breath between sentences in order to keep your undivided attention indefinitely.

Truly it is a lot of fun to have the ability to actually carry on a conversation with your child. Given that you have your wits about you and the time to look them straight in the eyes for an extended period of time, the experience can be a pleasurable one. The problem arises when you are trying to accomplish other tasks, and your child simply does not believe you are paying attention unless you are looking directly at them through the entire dialog. There may be some truth the fact that you are catching only some of the words in an attempt to split your time and simply guessing at their intended communication.

In order to be sure that you are with them, your child starts to use the “guess what” at the beginning to get your attention. Once that works, guess what starts to be used repeatedly at the beginning of every sentence; then later at the end, middle and whenever they feel like they don’t fully have you there. The habit develops, and soon you have more guess what’s then you do actual content to the communication.

I am not sure if it happens more with girls than boys, and I am likely predisposed to think it is girls because I currently have a 6-year-old girl that is in the throws of the guess what phenomenon. Of course, I have an eight-year-old boy that has evolved from guess what to simply saying “look at me” when he doesn’t think you are paying him the proper amount of attention.

I keep reminding myself that improving communication skills is perhaps the most important developmental process a child can go through, so I just smile and casually remind my daughter every so often that the guess what is really not necessary…especially 2 to 3 times in the same sentence. It has become a laughing point because she doesn’t even realize she is doing it. Someday I will get the guess what to go because it really does need to go!