6 Of The Best Cat Litters, According To A Veterinarian

There are a lot of feline lovers who have a cat or multiple cats in their house and prefer to keep them in good health conditions. One important thing to be considered for maintaining cats is their litter boxes. Keeping the litter boxes clean will help ensure a clean and odor free home and also prevent your cat from littering everywhere in the house. In case of a house with a backyard, cats can try to urinate on the ground which will not give out any odor but if they fecate it stills needs some sort of cleaning to be done by the owner. So in any case it is better to maintain a litter box for cats so the owner need not go searching for where the cat urinates or fecates. There are many kinds of cat litter available in the market and one can find it in any supermarkets, pet stores, etc. With abundant availability in the market, choosing the best cat litter will be a difficult task. The litter that is available in common is the clumping clay and nonclumping clay.

Best cat litters available in the market

  • Clumping clay 

This type of litter is made typically from bentonite and the highly absorbent nature of it makes it clump into solid blocks when the cat urinates. This is the best odor control litter due to the highly absorbent nature of the litter. It is also easy to clean and remove as it forms solid clumps.

  • Nonclumping clay 

This kind of litter is made from clay other than bentonite and is cheaper. It is difficult to clean and also leaves behind odor and thus requires more frequent cleaning of the litter box.

  • Silica gel crystals

It is made of small silica beads and its highly absorbent nature prevents any kind of odor from the litter box. It is very clean and does not leave any trace on the litter box. This makes it one of the best odor control litter. But when ingested it is poisonous so owners should be aware of the consequences before using it.

  • Pine 

It is made of pine wood scraps which are treated to remove toxins and allergens in it. It is a good absorbent in granule form and forms clumps when urinated on. The pine smell helps in keeping the odor of the litter box in check.

  • Grass

Has good clumping properties and helps in good odor control. Many cats are comfortable with grass litter and it is also bio-degradable.

  • Walnut shells

A bio-degradable and clumping litter with good odor control properties. It also keeps the box odor free and does not require frequent cleaning.

There does not exist one best cat litter in the world and the one your cat feels comfortable with is generally considered the best option for cat owners. Finding the right type of cat litter which is toxin free and odor controlling and also comfortable for the cat is usually time-consuming and so trying one of the above-mentioned types can help in the process.