Manuals: Differentiating The Training And User Manuals

Pretty much any task nowadays needs the help of manuals to perform their operation effectively. From essential consumer products such as appliances to any technical jobs, surely you will be given a manual or two for that. With manuals, it is easier to convey instructions to users instead of hiring a skilled professional to train them. Also, this cuts down budget spending on teaching every person rather than providing them a manual that they can learn by themselves. All in all, manuals are an essential aspect of everyday things to educate the user quickly.

User Manual

There are two kinds of manuals. The first one is the User manual. This kind of manual is commonly added together with consumer products. Thus, it helps users, especially to the first-timers, to know all the functions and the proper use of the product. User manuals also provide necessary troubleshooting steps, answers to frequently asked questions and other beneficial information too. User manuals are commonly associated with electronic goods such as appliances, gadgets and even with toys. And they are also included in computer hardware and software too.

Training Manual

Training manuals provide instructions on how to improve work quality, especially to employees. Usually, training manuals are used in conjunction with a training session or program. It also supports trainees during their training and gives them all the essential information in one package. At the same time, it helps ensure consistency during training presentations. It may contain all the company’s rules and regulation, work ethics, workplace rights, the scope of work and so on. Thus, this makes it an indispensable tool to educate new employees. And as well as existing ones.


Manuals, either for users or for training, is essential to use a product or task effectively. Just like the company Acer, Acer manuals are loaded to the brim with all the info you need. And this makes their product more comfortable to use and consumer-friendly as well. Thus, this makes them one of the best company with the most user-friendly products around.