World AIDS Day: Focusing on Accountability

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by mlepeska

The 2006 theme for World AIDS Day is accountability. To learn more about the theme or download the World AIDS Day flyer, please see below.


The theme of accountability was developed by the World AIDS Campaign support team based on their ongoing work around World AIDS Day, and based on the outcomes of the London HIV and AIDS Campaigning and Advocacy meeting in February 2005. A number of lessons have been learnt from previous work on World AIDS Day, and far more energy is being invested early in the year to make World AIDS Day 2006 a success. The most significant aspect of this World AIDS Day is the degree to which it has been based around the inputs of a wide range of civil society partners.

During World AIDS Day 2006, we hope to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhanced accountability from political leaders on their promises on AIDS.
  • Supporting a broad movement of civil society organisations campaigning to develop their sense of joint identity and common purpose.
  • Generating a greater public awareness of, and engagement with, the problem of AIDS worldwide.

Working Together on World AIDS Day

Efforts are being made to allow as much scope as possible for local adaptation of the World AIDS Day theme. Specific country campaigns can be decided on by local organisations within the overall theme of accountability.

These campaigns may wish to utilise the World AIDS Day slogan, Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise, as it stands on its own. Alternatively, they may decide to develop a slogan that specifically addresses the local issue and use it in conjunction with the World AIDS Day slogan. For example, if a national campaign is run to address the lack of concrete indicators in achieving Universal Access to Treatment, Care and Prevention, the slogan could be: “Set the goals for Universal Access: Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.”

To further promote the theme of accountability, we propose involving the following schemes in World AIDS Day activities:

Red: Using the colour red in promotional objects, e.g. red ribbons, t-shirts, banners, etc.

Targeting Leaders: To reinforce the notion of leader responsibility, planning activities such as marches, advocacy, letter writing, etc.

Where possible, both schemes should be used simultaneously. For example, if a campaign plans to march on a legislative body for World AIDS Day, it would be encouraging and make more of an impact if everyone wore red.


In order to assist in World AIDS Day campaigning, resources will be provided by the World AIDS Campaign support team including: a CD-Rom action pack with campaigning information and communications materials, World AIDS Day posters, website with a World AIDS Day events calendar, information and a web forum, a series of press releases, World AIDS Campaign newsletters, networking opportunities and a media pack.

Contact Us

To find out more about World AIDS Day 2006, please go to or email us at .

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