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Ukraine: General Situation, statistics, discrimination, tolerance level

04 dic 2006 – 15:20

According to the estimates HIV prevalence among adults in Ukraine composes 1.4%. Considering…

World AIDS Day Preparations: Interactive Training Workshop in Kazakhstan

28 nov 2006 – 15:50

VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) hosted a workshop for educational workers and peer voluntee…

President urges nation to fight AIDS

05 dic 2006 – 15:42

Please see below to read President Yushchenko’s World AIDS Day Address.

«Остановите СПИД. Выполните обещания!»

13 nov 2006 – 9:55

В рамках мероприятий Всемирного дня борьбы против ВИЧ-СПИДа, который проводится под девизом…

Networks Uniting for the Sake of Life

24 nov 2006 – 15:37

For World AIDS Day, December 1, networks of people living with HIV and AIDS (PLWH) in 12 cou…

Ukraine Action for World AIDS Day

31 oct 2006 – 16:46

On December 1, the Ukraine is planning a range of World AIDS Day activities covering 46 citi…

WAD Activities in the Region

01 dic 2006 – 10:54

Please see below information about events in the CIS region

Fashion Against AIDS

23 oct 2006 – 11:08

On October 12th, 2006, during Ukrainian Fashion Week, Alexey Zalevskiy, famous Ukrainian des…

AIDS Memorial Day

06 sep 2006 – 17:17

A unique campaign took place simultaneously in nine countries across Eastern Europe and Cent…

Ukraine May Action

20 nov 2006 – 11:50

Please see below, Ukraine’s May Action booklet with the WAC theme of Keep the Promise and in…

Russia, Civil Society and the World Aids Campaign

07 ago 2006 – 15:48

In April, one of the members of the World AIDS Campaign support team has been supporting th…