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Who can become a campaign partner?

Why should I get involved?

How to get involved as an Organization

How to get involved as an Individual

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Why should you get more actively involved in the World AIDS Campaign (WAC)?

The WAC was established to support and promote a global campaign on HIV and AIDS. The campaign strengthens and connects together many of the AIDS-related advocacy and campaigns happening in our countries and regions – each are supported by a multitude of groups who are demanding that their governments and other key stakeholders deliver on previous promises and commitments on HIV and AIDS.

The civil society-led WAC campaign targets politicians and policy-makers countries most affected by HIV as well as donor governments, international agencies such as those of the United Nations, as well as civil society. It supports people and organisations to work together more closely, unite and soundly advocate at the national and international levels, so the campaign can deepen the partnership for a stronger response to AIDS.

Under the overall theme of “Stop AIDS. Keep the promise”, the WAC ensures that governments and organizations keeps true to promises and commitments they have made to effectively respond to the epidemic. To support the theme, we are asking everyone to make a promise. This encourages

Keep the Promise poster
The 2005 Keep the Promise poster in English

individuals and various groups to get involved in action to counter the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. Both directly relate to WAC’s overall goal of energizing and supporting “an effective and sustained response to the AIDS epidemic.”

Who can become a campaign partner?

Everyone can become a partner, whether you are an organisation, youth group, local business, academia, trade union, school, faith group or an individual. Everyone can get involved.

Why should I get involved?

The WAC hopes to build on the diverse strengths and contribution of individuals and organisations by first encouraging them to make their own promises to respond to HIV and AIDS at a family and community level. Organisations who register as partners have an important role to play also by influencing national leaders. The campaign stresses that individuals and organisations can make a difference through personal pledges, statements of commitment, and by taking action to reverse the epidemic. Added together, these commitments can also make governments realise that a wide range of people and organisations care about HIV and AIDS and want to be part of an effective response.
Here are some reasons why others are getting involved:

  • Because governments have a responsibility to uphold their commitments
  • Because my organisation can help provide support for those living with HIV and AIDS
  • To speak out publicly and make a commitment and show we care
  • We need to remind ourselves that there are 40m living with HIV and 20m orphans as a result of HIV.
  • Because every person has an individual responsibility to help eradicate HIV and AIDS and my contribution will make a difference.
  • Because I should set an example for others, my friends and my family.

How to get involved:

As an Organisation - MAKE THE PROMISE
In becoming a partner of the World AIDS Campaign. You are encouraged to:

  • Actively support the goals and sign up to the guiding principles of the WAC
  • Commit resources and time to promote the action calls that will be issued from time to time by the WAC and other partners
  • When appropriate adopt the World AIDS Campaign Theme and display campaign posters and materials.
  • Promote the WAC in your own organisation.
  • Encourage other groups in your country or region to get involved.
  • Create a link to our website
  • Help to raise funds for a local HIV group.
  • Agree to let us list your support on the WAC website. Click here to see our partner page
  • Include the WAC logo in your materials.

Send the registration form, with your signature to the International Office on Fax: +31 20 612 9980 or email it to:

As an Individual – MAKE THE PROMISE
Individuals are encouraged to visit the rest of this website and make their individual commitment to end the HIV and AIDS Pandemic. Things you can also do include:

  • Become a volunteer for your local HIV charity or group.
  • Help HIV groups to raise money to support their work.
  • Make a personal commitment to use and promote the use of condoms by others.
  • Get the support and involvement of your friends.
  • Challenge any discrimination of people living with HIV and AIDS that you witness.
  • Let us know what you have been doing to support the WAC by putting it on the website.

To make your individual promise go to:


For Joint Initiatives page - Keep the Promise Start Making Sense

Join over 4000 people in the BTS eForum for discussion of major AIDS-related policy issues in 2005-06, centering on the review of progress with implementing the 2001 UNGASS Declaration of Commitment on HIV and AIDS. Read on-going discussion here.

What happens next? – A Global Movement on HIV and AIDS

One of the WAC’s goals is to enhance the global movement on HIV and AIDS. Organisations and individuals all have their part to play in contributing to the campaign theme in highlighting that the accountability of world leaders to uphold their promises.

Our aim is to use all of the promises made from individuals, and organizations to register with our political leaders over the next year just how many people believe that the global efforts on HIV and AIDS need to be increased and NOW.

If you would like to find our further information please visit the following:

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