World Social Forum

20/01 to 25/01/2007

  • Country: Kenya
  • City: Nairobi

The World Social Forum is a five-day long event, this year held in Nairobi,Kenya. The purpose of the annual meeting is to bring together social movements and global campaigns, networks, activisits and other groups to share information and strategies about important world issues.

"From its modest origins in Porto Alegre in the year 2001, the World Social Forum has mushroomed into a global counter-force challenging the assumptions and diktats of imperialism and its associated neo-liberal policies that have over the decades, imposed colonialism and neo-colonialism; devastated Southern economies; bolstered the disastrous and repressive reigns of assorted tin pot dictatorships; marginalized women; disenfranchised youth; intensified the destruction of the environment; unleashed bloody, inhuman and needless military conflicts in nation after nation, region after region and deepened the exploitation of poor peoples around the world."


To read more about the conference from the offical 2007 website, click here