WAC Organisation

The World AIDS Campaign (WAC) is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. A Global Steering Committee oversees and sets the strategic direction of the World AIDS Campaign. The Global Steering Committee evolved from a working group established by individuals involved in early consultations on how to strengthen the WAC and will be revisited at the end of 2005.

Under the guidance of an Executive Director, the International Office strives to acts in the following areas:

Communication : the role of the WAC is to inform campaigns about one another and about key issues, promote the WAC as a social movement, and help raise national and international public awareness about the Campaign and its goals.

Connection : the WAC facilitates the sharing of experiences and lessons learned, enabling national campaigns to link with international-level activity, actions or debates that help strengthen and empower national campaigns.

Facilitation : the WAC provides a voice for civil society groups in international debates and promotes unified messaging. The WAC also ensures that the civil society’s demands are reflected and promoted and raises those issues specifically relevant to vulnerable and/or marginalized groups.

Catalyst : the WAC acts as a catalyst in the initiation or development of national campaigns in the most affected areas.

Adaptation : the WAC uses existing tools, networks and platforms to support the development of national campaigns and country-specific campaign materials. Rather than duplicate, the WAC will only help develop those tools that do not exist.

Country-driven : the WAC provides analysis and commentary on advocacy and campaigning at a country level.


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