WAC Strategy

The World AIDS Campaign 2005-2010

WAC’s strategy process

The strategy has been through several drafts in a lengthy period of consultation. Through this period, we have learnt the value of keeping things absolutely to their simplest. To this end, we asked ourselves what the small WAC international office can do to meet its campaigning objectives.

We have now identified four work areas:

  • Bringing people together
  • Providing those people with ideas and messages for campaigning
  • Providing the skills those people need to turn the ideas and messages into effective campaigns.
  • And finally we can help ensure that campaigners have the right conditions to operate in. This includes having the funds needed, and the opportunities for political influence

Strategy Outline

Our work plan is now structured around these areas of work, and all our communications will eventually reflect this re-organisation. Below you will find links to sections of the World AIDS Campaign Strategy Work Plan that you can read online. To download the entire report in your language, please click on one of the following links - English, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese.



Achieving the vision

Our campaigning model

Turning our objectives into practical work areas

Reaching out to more stakeholders

Principles of the campaign

Achieving our vision from 2005 to 2010

How are we changing based on key lessons since 2004

World AIDS Campaign Adding value













The link below is from the original ‘World AIDS Campaign 2005-2010 …a strategy for the future…’ as formulated in January 2005. The full document can be downloaded here: