WAC Involve The Media

World AIDS Day was created to focus global awareness on the pandemic and generate positive action to stop the spread of HIV and eradicate AIDS. As you plan events and actions for World AIDS Day, build into your planning when and how to contact and involve media – print, radio, internet, and television.

Your communication can have several different levels:

a) To advertise your event or action to promote community involvement

b) To raise awareness in the community of the reality of HIV and AIDS and the need to respond at local, national, and international levels.

c) To generate momentum behind an advocacy message.

Most media are attracted to local events and personal stories. Show your connection to the growing global movement calling for accountability at all levels by including “Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise” visually in banners, t-shirts, stickers and posters as well as in your written and spoken messages. This demonstrates that your local efforts are backed by action at a global level.

Let campaigns in other countries know what you are doing, too, through the World AIDS Day event listing at www.worldaidscampaign.org

Below you will find tips for working with the media, advice on how to spread the word and write a press release.