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Throughout 2005 the World AIDS Campaign (WAC) will endeavour to keep stakeholders informed of current developments on key issues relating to HIV and AIDS and any key events such as the Global Fund replenishment process, the WTO Ministerial Conference; the plans for the review of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS.

The planned regular communication is aimed at keeping campaigners informed of any specific advocacy initiatives that require greater intervention from civil society to ensure their success. During 2005 and 2006 there is a great deal happening that has a direct impact on the response to HIV and AIDS worldwide and we believe that it is essential HIV organisations are actively involved to influence the outcomes of the many key meetings taking place over the next 18 months.

The WAC is proposing that its supporters and partners become involved in a series of joint actions to secure greater profile and recognition of HIV as an issue requiring urgent attention over the next 18 months. This would involve advocacy in the build-up to the G8 summits, which is likely to follow the formal review of the UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS) which may be scheduled for June 2006.

Outlined below are details of some key events and activities that the WAC is committed to until the end of 2006 . It would be impossible to capture every HIV and AIDS event so the priority has been to record key international and regional policy and decision making events. You will find an intro text per Key Event plus documents giving the formal position for the host in preparation, some Civil Society positions or ideas to influence the outcome, and what the WAC is doing and how you can get involved.

We are keen to include other events in our calendar section and if you have any additional information that is not listed please send to:

More comprehensive information is currently being worked on and will be updated at regular intervals.

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