WAC Joint Statements

Targeting the decision makers who influence policies and resources that impact on the response to HIV and AIDS is essential in keeping focus on the needs to reverse the spread of HIV.

A more coordinated voice from civil society and partners is vital in challenging decision makers. Keeping HIV and AIDS high on the political agenda is a priority for the World AIDS Campaign.

The below links are joint civil society statements supported by the World AIDS Campaign.

Articles in this section Articles in this section:

Artigo da posição da Sociedade Civil Africana no que diz respeito ao HIV e SIDA em Africa: caminhando para a acção

01 May 2006 – 13:46

Nós, as organizações da Sociedade Civil Africana que consistimos de organizações e redes de…


16 May 2006 – 10:45

Note: Further to a previous call for support to a letter objecting to TAC and ALP being bloc…

Unnecessary Delays

29 Mar 2006 – 15:32

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is deeply concerned that Abbott’s new version of the second-l…

U.S. Initiative on Health Workforce in AIDS-Impacted Countries

17 Oct 2006 – 13:17

(January 1 2006) The critical shortage of health care workers and weak health systems is the…

Support for Kenyan resolution on health R & D

17 Oct 2006 – 13:11

Below you will find information on the new global framework on health R & D, proposed by Ken…

WTO members should reject bad deal on medicines

29 Mar 2006 – 15:36

As the discussions on the amendment of the TRIPS Agreement are intensifying, the following N…

Global Unions Making their Promise

29 Nov 2005 – 9:34

The Global Unions are supporting the World AIDS Campaign by asking their membership to "Make…

Scaling Up – Keep the Promise

17 Oct 2006 – 13:09

The attached final version of the recent appeal “Scaling Up – Keep the Promise; Urgent Call…

UNOCD Petition

29 Jul 2005 – 13:05

The World AIDS Campaign supported the attached petition below sent to the delegates of the F…

World AIDS Campaign writes to Tony Blair

29 Jul 2005 – 11:23

During the recent G8, the World AIDS Campaign submitted the following letter to Mr Blair sup…

IOE ICFTU Joint Statement

29 Jul 2005 – 11:17

Two years ago, the International Organization of Employers and the International Confederati…

WAC compulsory license advocacy in Brazil

28 Jul 2005 – 9:38

On July 8, in response to negotiations with the government of Brazil, Abbott presented Brazi…