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Dates Canada


01/12/06 – 8:30 to 17:00

WAD2006@Starbucks Banff [read more]

AIDS Candle Light Vigil

03/12/06 – 17:00 to 19:00

Candle Light Vigil is a chance to reflect back on the lives of loved ones who passed away in their fight against HIV/AIDS. Wearing a red ribbon shows a sign of support for people living with H… [read more]

Dates Cape Verde

Corrida do Dia Mundial de Luta contra SIDA

02/12/06 – 8:00 to 10:00

A 5k road race hosted by the Câmara Municipal da Boa Vista and the Centro de Juventude de Vila de Sal Rei, and organized by volunteers of the US Peace Corps. [read more]

Dates Chile

WAD in Chile

T-shirt design

29/11 to 01/11/2006

Chilean Standing Committee in Reproductive Health including AIDS (SCORA) team of the Internationa Federation of Medical Students Associations, IFMSA. [read more]

Dates China

Taking Action

30/11 to 01/12/2006

If you are in North West Gansu you are very welcome to join in these two day events. VSO is supporting these activities and will include poster making competitions, role plays, interactive qui… [read more]

AID for AIDS Campaign


A group of enthusiastic HKU students have formed the Hong Kong Alliance Against AIDS (HKAAA) to launch a one-year “AID for AIDS Campaign” on the World AIDS Day. On 1 December, we will organize… [read more]

Dates Colombia


01/12/06 – 8:00 to 22:00


Dates Cook Islands

Drumming for HIV

01/12/06 – 11:00 to 16:00

Drumming competition with 250 students in Rarotonga. Punanga Nui market [read more]

WAD Event Sponsored by Cook National AIDS Committee

01/12/06 – 8:00 to 23:00

Below you will find information on various events sponsored by the Cook National AIDS Committee (Public Health, PIAF, CI Red Cross, CI National Council of Women, CIANGO, Punanga Tauturu Inc, M… [read more]

Dates Cyprus



01/12/06 – 16:45 to 19:00

A Film About AIDS in the World. [read more]

Dates Denmark

World AIDS Day Speech

01/12 to 02/12/2006

Hundreds of peaople are holding the same speech - the same day all over the country. [read more]

Dates Egypt

Dance4Life Egypt Dance Event


The Dance4Life Dance Event is the finale to the Schools Projects currently taking place in eight countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. The Schools Project consists of workshops, life-skills pr… [read more]

Dance 4 Life

25/11/06 – 11:19 to 11:19

The International Dance4Life organisation has chosen one very exotic location to highlight its message [read more]

World AIDS Campaign 2006 ( Ismailia Youth Camp 2006 )

07/12 to 09/12/2006

The WAC Task Force has decided to mainstream its activities in 2006 through the “Sailing the Nile” project, which has been initiated by the UN and partners to promote action towards fulfilling… [read more]


05/12/06 – 9:00 to 17:00

the global youth partner (www.gypegypt.com) will organize world AIDS day in partnership with Egyptian family planing assosiation (www.efpa.eg.net ) in El-Shorta club - cairo . the attendance… [read more]

Fighting HIV/AIDS in Egypt

01/12/2006 to 15/03/2007

Project: Fighting HIV/AIDS In Egypt Aiming at; stopping stigma and discrimination, spreading awareness, and decreasing the rate of infection. Mainly, targeting; youth and children from 14 :… [read more]

Dates Estonia

Prision Events

27/12 to 01/12/2006

From 27/11/06 to 01/12/06 on the territories of Estonian prisons Estonian Network of PLWH will review results of competition among prisoner’s drawing dedicated to World AIDS Day, best works wi… [read more]

Акция для заключенных

27/11 to 01/12/2006

С 27.11.06 по 01.12.06 на территории Эстонских тюрем Эстонская Сеть проведет подведение итогов конкурса рисуют заключенные Всемирный день 1 декабря, лучшие работы будут тиражированы. [read more]

Dates Ethiopia

We run 1st for AIDS

30/11 to 04/12/2006

We run 1st for AiDS. [read more]

In Commemoration of World AIDS Day 2006

01/12/06 – 7:00 to 5:00

As we can no longer ignore the threat of HIV/AIDS, on this day we as ICRC employees unite to show our solidarity to the cause. This year, it’s up to you, me and us to stop the spread of HIV a… [read more]

Dates Europe

Education International at AIDS Remember Me

30/11/06 – 18:30 to 22:00

Education International will be raising awareness on the education response to HIV and AIDS worldwide at a special event in Brussels on November 30th. [read more]

Awareness on HIV/AIDS through information and counseling

01/12/06 – 9:00 to 17:00

Y-PEER Kosovo: Sharing information and discussions with Prishtina Urban Traffic passangers [read more]

Y-PEER Kosovo: Illustrative performance of Peer Educators

01/12/06 – 10:00 to 19:00

Y-PEER Kosovo: During this activity we will include over 50 peer educators where each of them will have specific tasks to do. We think that through this kind of activity the message about safe… [read more]

"Arcobaleno Aids contro il silenzio" Arcobaleno Aids against the silence

01/12 to 03/12/2006

The"Mole Antonelliana", the symbol of Turin, will be illuminated for three days with the red ribbon. It is clearly visible from a large part of the town [read more]

Dates Finland

International World AIDS Day Seminar: “How to keep the promise? HIV and Young Women”

01/12/06 – 9:00 to 15:30

The seminar is an expert seminar and part of the World AIDS Day activities in Finland. The launch of the EU statement on HIV and AIDS by Ms Paula Lehtomäki, Minister for Foreign Trade and Deve… [read more]

Dates France

Le Roi de la Capote s’associe à la Journée mondiale de lutte contre le Sida.

Le Roi de la Capote, preservatifs et lubrifiants, www.leroidelacapote.com

01/12/06 – 0:01 to 23:59

Le Roi de la Capote reversera à Sida Info Service l’intégralité des bénéfices de ses ventes réalisées le 1er décembre 2006, Journée mondiale de lutte contre le Sida. [read more]

Journée mondiale contre le sida 2006 : Sidaction se mobilise

01/12/06 – 8:00 to 18:00

Le 1er décembre, journée mondiale de lutte contre le sida, est une date importante dans notre combat. En effet, elle constitue une occasion unique pour remobiliser le plus grand nombre autour… [read more]


Vendredi 1er Décembre 2006 "STOP AIDS3 à l 'Ôdace à Nice - FRANCE - Unis dans la lutte, Homos,Héteros ,ensemble stoppons le Sida

01/12/06 – 23:00 to 5:00

Vendredi 1er Décembre 2006 "STOP AIDS3 à l 'Ôdace à Nice - FRANCE - Unis dans la lutte, Homos,Héteros ,ensemble stoppons le Sida [read more]


WallPaper fond 'écran pour l'opération STOP LE VIRUS !

02/12/06 – 20:30 to 23:30

En 2005, 2,3 millions d'enfants de moins de 15 ans vivent avec le VIH/SIDA dans le monde. Pour la première fois depuis le début de l'épidémie, la moitié des personnes qui vivent avec le VIH/SI… [read more]

Dates French Polynesia

WAD events in Tahiti

01/12/06 – 17:43 to 17:43

Agir Contre le Sida (ACS) will be sponsoring various events on World AIDS Day including scholl presentations and a drawing contest. [read more]

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