Fighting HIV/AIDS in Egypt

01/12/2006 to 15/03/2007

  • Country: Egypt
  • City: Cairo - Alexandria - Mansoura
  • Venue: Universities' campuses, schools, sports clubs, camps, gatherings, and TV

Project: Fighting HIV/AIDS In Egypt Aiming at; stopping stigma and discrimination, spreading awareness, and decreasing the rate of infection. Mainly, targeting; youth and children from 14 : 24 years old.

The project extends for 3 months and 15 days as we are going to give:

# 20 workshops in 10 universities and 10 schools about AIDS; its nature, infection reasons, how to avoid it, how to deal with infected people, and how to work against it. The lectures will also be giving the attendees a brief about how to make a project & AIDS will be theme. We'll be refering to the organisations and agencies working against AIDS in and outside Egypt.

# Booklets will be given to attendees containing info. about AIDS, PM, and links & contacts.

# We also will put advertisements in 8 squares (gathering places) and 5 clubs encouraging people to work against AIDS & to contact the concerned people about fighting it.

# We'll contact the celebrities to make a 1 minute display film with the same purpose. We know already many of them. We'll try to find more.

# A 1 GB website containing all the stuff in Arabic and English.

# Note that; There'll be a closing ceremony with acknowledging performers.the project is a joint campaign of GYCA, GYP, Rotaract Giza club, Dance4Life, Welad Misr association, SDA, iEARN & E-ERA, and with a technical support from unicef and UNAIDS.